By: Eileen Sien

The beginning of the year is a time for new starts, focusing on the things we can do to be better!  So how can you make your partnering process better?  Here is a solution that is simple and easy to apply to any size partnering team, and will add a depth and a sense of celebration to the collaborative partnering process – Celebrating your partnering “Champions.”

Bravo AwardIt is that simple. But to be clear, this recognition does not mean everyone gets a ribbon or a trophy, like in little league or youth soccer. Rather it is a way for a project team to acknowledge those individuals who go above and beyond in their efforts to be collaborative and find solutions to challenges. Highlighting those individuals who bring a partnering mindset to the project and the team, as they model the partnering spirit for all.

So how do you put this idea into action?  The concept is to make it special, not complicated, and fun. It can be as simple as a certificate presented at the quarterly partnering review workshop or as elaborate as a project specific award.  The goal is to have the team take the time to reflect, acknowledge and celebrate the strong examples of partnering efforts set by their teammates.  Allowing time for the team to recognize their peers for work done well is an important aspect of peak performing teams.

Over the years I have seen the celebration of partnering “Champions” bring a level of camaraderie and celebration to large and small teams alike.  It helps to bring the partnering team together and appreciate those who are doing good work.  And it causes everyone on the team to pause and think, “What can I do to be better at partnering?” which is a big benefit from a simple act of appreciation.  As a call to action for each of you reading this article, find the time and means to celebrate your Partnering “Champions.”  If anyone needs help, feel free to reach out. I am here to support the partnering community and see your partnering “Champions” celebrated. Please share with me how you are celebrating your partnering “Champions.”

Eileen SienEileen Sien is a Certified Partnering Facilitator with VELO Group. As a champion of the Collaborative Partnering approach to construction projects, she works with project teams of all sizes to set goals, implement methods for resolving disputes and improve project outcomes.

Eileen is a Professional Civil Engineer and a Partnering Facilitator, giving her a thorough understanding of the unique issues project teams may face.


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