Neal Flesner recently gave a talk to members of the AGC of California on the topic of “6 Tips for Increasing Effective Communication on Your Projects.” His presentation was part of the AGC of California Annual Convention which was held in Monterey, California this past October.

More than 50 conference attendees participated in the educational session, which focused on the factors that contribute to poor or ineffective communication on construction projects. The session included examples and case studies from uber-successful projects and the tactics these project team members used to increase transparency, communication, trust and, ultimately, positive end-results.

Here’s an overview of the six tips Neal provided to conference attendees for eliminating poor team communication habits and creating lasting change.

1. Talk with people face-to-face as often as possible
2. Set and abide by communication protocols
3. Develop clear lines of leadership communication and issue resolution (and stick to them)
4. Confirm listening and understanding of the communication
5. Create Do’s and Don’ts for using email on construction projects
6. Just say, “NO,” and why you can’t always say yes

More information on these six tips will be provided in a future blog post. If you have any other tips to add to this list, please share them in the post comments’ box below.